Cobie Smulders Deepfake [Katana Kombat] How I Fucked Your Mother


Full-length, HD Colbie Smulders Deepfake porn video by Mondomonger with pornstar Katana Kombat in a scene from Brazzers.

Colbie Smulders Deepfakes
Colbie Smulders
You might remember her as Robin, Ted’s main slut on How I Met Your Mother.
Katana Kombat
Latina pornstar with bangin athletic body and big fake tits you just wanna slide your cock into.
Original Scene: Tap Her Tactically

Keiran Lee has been carrying on an affair with Colbie Smulders, but he’s increasingly worried about getting caught by her husband. In an effort to make his clandestine sneaking into Colbie’s house more effective, Keiran has invested in various types of tactical gear to avoid detection. After Colbie’s initial failed attempt to seduce her husband, she doesn’t even have to reach out to Keiran before getting a call from him saying that he’ll be entering her house in a matter of minutes. Although Colbie initially freaks out, Keiran assures her that he has all the necessary gear to slip past her oblivious husband.

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    1. Ya ur right its not Lana, sorry dont know how I did that, thx for pointing it out. Anyways did a little research… its Katana Kombat. Updating now, will also add link to scene.

  1. oh this comment was by me, I tried logging in but it didn’t work there for some reason. It worked now

  2. Nice upload here! But I’m going to keep requesting that you post toasty’s new gal gadot vid!

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