Amber Heard Deepfake Porn Video [Mondomonger] La chatte devient un prédateur.

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Full-length HD Amber Heard deepfake porn video by Mondomonger avec la magnifique star du porno Uma Jolie dans une scène de BrattySis.

Amber Heard plays the role of slutty step-sister in this deepfake porn video from Mondomonger!

Johnny is just settling in to watch TV when his stepsister Amber Heard joins him and tells him to get his feet off the couch so she can sit down. It?s not long before Amber is asking Tony if he can lend her some money. Johnny says no, so Amber decides to take the money right out of his pocket. She justifies it because Johnny?s dad is causing issues with her mom. Their argument is interrupted when Amber takes a call from someone that?s not her boyfriend. Johnny hears enough to know that Amber is a cheating, slutty whore. He decides to confront her about it and shows her that he recorded her whole conversation.

Cornered, Amber decides that she?ll have to convince Johnny to keep his mouth shut in the most basic way possible. She will do anything to get him to shut up, including letting him act out his fantasies by letting him fuck his stepsister. Amber isn?t thrilled about it, but since she has no other choice she pulls her shit down so he can feel up those teen titties. Then she gets on her knees and peels off her shorts and leotard. On her knees, she lets Johnny pull out his cock so she can start sucking it like a popsicle.

After deep throating his huge cock and loving every second of it, Amber wanted that rock-hard cock to pound her like a hammer, so she jumped at the chance when Johnny asked her to turn around and bend over so he could fuck her like a dog. His cock slid so easily into his sister?s dripping wet pussy, and her hips fit perfectly into his hands as he banged away at her watching her ass slap against his stomach every time his cock thrust into her body. Then Amber decided to take control and jumped up, pushed stepbro down and hopped on his cock and rode him like a bull, then jumped off like a gymnast so she could enjoy Johnny’s load splashing all over her body when he cummed.

Amber?s performance in bed was good enough to ensure Johnny’s silence, he even thought they might have a connection…

But… this is Amber Heard we’re talking about here, and she had different plans. See, Amber thought Johnny’s room was “cooler” than hers and wanted it, she also wanted more money and figured if Johnny wasn’t around anymore, she would get the room AND Johnny’s portion of allowance money. So Amber decided she would just destroy Johnny’s entire life in order to take everything from him and make it hers instead, and hatched a simple plan to FUCK poor ol Johnny…

Amber knew their parents would be getting home any second and made sure to not let stepbro cum all over her until their parents were walking up the driveway. As soon as they walked in the door Amber started running towards them screaming and crying uncontrollably with her panties around her legs, shirt ripped off, and completely covered in her stepbros still fresh cum. Behind her stood her stepbrother, rock-hard cock still in hand… with cum dripping from its tip…

His cock might as well have been a gun. His cum, the smoke. Amber claimed her stepbrother had violently forced himself onto her, which everyone assumed HAD to have been the truth, and immediately condemned poor ol Johnny the stepbrother as a horrible rapist. Johnny wound up going to prison for about 10 years. Got out, survived on the streets as a homeless addict for a few years, then one day got hit by a bus. No more stepbro. Amber, however, is apparently going to be starring in a DC Comics movie about a superhero fish woman or something. Sooo, there’s that!

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