How To Download & Install NeverBlock

How to Download & Install NeverBlock!

    <p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">Once I dedicated myself to scouring the Earth high and low and not giving up until I had found out how to install NeverBlock and the download needed to do so, it took me about half of an entire day. Once I accomplished this impossible task, it took the rest of the day and a good portion of the next one in order to get it installed properly and kinda working. It was definitely not the most pleasant experience. Exoclick makes any and all info about how to actually obtain and install NeverBlock SO scarce I was honestly starting to doubt it was even real, just a claim they make that's never materialized.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">But I can finally say... it is indeed real, and it does work. Usually. Kinda.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">The instructions provided for it are absolutely AWFUL. It kinda feels like you're in an open-ended, choose your own adventure or something. They provide 4 setups/steps but never make it clear if they are STEPS...or SETUPS. So you have no idea if you're supposed to be completing all 4 steps, or if each setup is its own stand-alone installation and you're done after completing one. Rather amazing. Needless to say, If you don't know your way around your server your gonna have a tough time getting it to work. You don't need to be an expert or anything, just some experience.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">Like I said, it works. But if you're expecting a situation similar to how it's advertised, where after placing "one line of code on your website" all of your existing ads become block-proof and you become rich... you'll most likely be disappointed.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;"><strong>The good news is your existing ads continue to live their life with your non-blocking viewers, they're not changed or affected in any way.</strong></p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;"><strong>The bad news is in order to use neverblock, you have to create completely new ads. I know...ugh.</strong></p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">'s not all bad due to the fact that these new NeverBlock ads you will be creating ONLY APPEAR to viewers who have an ad-blocker installed, turned on, and actively blocking your ads. Meaning everything will stay exactly the same in regards to your non-ad-blocking viewers.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">I really like this because one thing I was worried about was non-ad-blocking viewers having to pay for their evil counterpart's sins and see double the amount of ads I want them to be seeing and therefore have a worse experience on my site. But thanks to this separate but "equal" system neverblock helps create, it's a complete nonissue.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">Another cool thing is this allows you to treat these two sub-groups of viewers differently from one another, more specifically... unequally! If you so choose, you can pile on the ads for the ad-blockers to punish them for their selfish web-viewing habits and perhaps indirectly nudge them into turning their ad-blocker off! And you can do so with the reassurance that the "good ones" will be completely unaffected.</p><p style="outline: 0px; letter-spacing: -0.2px;">The thing that's not cool is you have to create completely new ads. The other thing that's not cool is neverblock only works for some types of ads, it's not going to enable any video ads like VAST, or pop-ups/pop-unders. Neverblock officially supports banner, native, sticky, and IM ads. The other thing that's not cool is the way you add these new ads to your site is different from how you add regular ads to your site. This means you're probably gonna have to use/learn some new tricks in order to get your new ads displaying exactly how you want them to.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">Ya, so that's my experience with NeverBlock. Only been using it for about a week but so far so good. Views are up, stats up, everything up. Not crazy up but up. And I've only added a portion of the neverblock ads I plan on adding, so the numbers should get even better.</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;">Anyways, I'll write a little guide later if anyone's interested or needs help. Here are the files you need to install it and get NeverBlock working properly. Figure it out!</p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;"> </p><p style="letter-spacing: -0.2px;"> </p>        
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