Jia Lissa Twins Porn Video [Hentaied] A Bad Maid Service


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Full-length HD Hentaied porn video featuring pornstar Jia Lissa.


What are your expectations from the best housekeeping service? Think about, while we tell you a beautiful fairy tale about modern Cinderellas with our fantastic Jia Lissa in the lead role.

You are a young rich man running a few businesses. There is no time for distractions in your busy life, and nothing outside of work and business interests you. Especially not stupid bitches like the daughters of your business partners. What do they want? A ring on their finger, and all your money. No fucking way bitches.

One day your old cleaning lady couldn’t manage to make her shift. So, she promised her daughter will take care of everything. Why would you even care who cleans your house? Just make your job. But by your luck, that day you were at home. The moment “The daughter” arrives you will remember for the rest of your life. Incredible Russian Beauty lights up your entire house with her smile. But wait a second… Who else is there? Not one, not two… 7 absolutely Stunning Red Heads enter the door one by one. Your dick was already hard after seeing just the first one! What to say about the situation in your pants now?

All 7 gorgeous young girls talk at the same time: that they are perfect for this job, that taking care of their Boss is their job (yes, man, you are the Boss) and they are the best at it. They promise, they handle everything and do the best job. Whatever they say all words just mix in your head and come in one sentence “Fuck me, please”. Those little black sexy dresses and tight stockings make you crazy. Once they start to clean, you notice their tiny creamy vaginas each time one of them bends over.

Russian beauties were cleaning for the whole day. So, by the evening they are totally wet and exhausted crawling on the floor and asking what they can do more for you… Well, girls if you ask. As it turned out, Jias are not stupid girls and understand everything without words. So, they take off their sexy dresses and find 7 huge red dildos for each of them between all the cleaning stuff they brought.

Without much foreplay, all the beauties start to ride the dildos. You can see they have had a lot of experience riding cock. The dildos go deep inside their tight creamy vaginas. The girls start to explode with ahegao Faces – those red cheeks and crossed eyes make you absolutely crazy. You cannot hold it back any longer. So, you just take your pants down and spread liters of fresh hot cum all over their stunning faces and young tender bodies.

At the end of the shift, all of the Jias are lying on the floor covered in cum.


BONUS Step-by-step guide “How to make you Cleaning Lady ready for Sex”.

Here we go:

1. The perfect scenario is when a maid lives in your house.
2. Always be friendly with her, so she starts to like you. Just propose her some drinks or lunch, have a simple conversation with her.
3. Try to notice if she starts to take more care of you and your stuff.
4. It happens that cleaning ladies are quite lonely. So, always ask her how she is doing, pretend to be a friend of her. Show that you care about her.
5. After a while tell her that you want to tell her something personal, but you are a bit scared. Just be sure that she is already comfortable with you, so she feels closer to you.
6. If you made everything right and waited enough, we are pretty sure, she will say, that you can tell her everything.
7. Tell her that once you had a dream where you were holding her hand. And now you would really like to take her hand in yours. However, do not touch her and just observe her reaction.
8. In the next few days ask her if you can hold her hand. So, if she says directly NO do even try anymore! But if she is confused or she says that she is scared or someone can see you, just take her hand and see a reaction. From now on you know what she is up to.
9. Once you make all these steps and the hand of your cleaning lady is in your hands, you just start to be flirtier. And finally, bring her to your bed.
10. REMEMBER: Patience is KEY!

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