Jisoo Deepfake – Teach Me How to Swallow [Mondomonger]


Full-length HD Jisoo deepfake porn video by Mondomonger featuring pornstar Sybil in a scene from BangBros.

Teach me how to swallow, T-T-Teach me how to swallow!”

Jisoo Deepfakes

Kpop Idol


Original Scene: Helping Stepsis Fuck

Jisoo has a dilemma. All her friends have had time to become well-trained sluts and are super good at fucking. But poor Jisoo, having spent her entire life working to become a world-famous Kpop idol, is lacking in sexual experience.

Jisoo’s Stepbrother is, as you probably guessed, more than happy to help her out! He starts Jisoo out slow, rubbing her tight little pussy to warm her up for fucking, then eating it out. When Charlie whips his dick out to acclimate Jisoo with a hard cock before her mouth is being fucked by one, she’s shocked to see her brother has a massive cock! Jisoo’s confident she’ll get all the experience she needs with a cock like that.

Jisoo excitedly begins sucking and choking on his giant cock. When she’s able to his entire massive cock into her mouth and down her throat on the first try, it becomes clear that she’s a natural cock sucking slut and ready to graduate to the next lesson: Her tight inexperienced pussy being fucked by a giant cock.

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