Reese Witherspoon Deepfake Porn [Toasty] Legally Fucked


Full-length 26 min Reese Witherspoon deepfake porn video created by Toasty featuring pornstar Morgan Rain in a scene from Fit18.

Before the events of Legally Blonde, back when Elle Woods was a young and tight slutty 19 year old incoming freshman cheerleader, she had to learn how to survive and earn money on her own. Which it turns out, wasn’t hard to do. She just did what all sluts her age did, found guys with money and fucked their brains out until they gave her some. So when she went to what she thought was an audition, she had no idea what to expect seeing that she had never actually worked before.

Elle thought nothing of it when the man “interviewing her” suddenly shoved his cock into her mouth, she just figured it was totally normal.
And when he told her to climb on top of his hard cock and ride it like a cowgirl, she was certain it was some sort of physical tryout for the job! And she knew she could ride cock like a true whore!
And as she was being covered in the man’s cum, Elle had absolutely no clue she had just been scammed into fucking a man for free. In fact, she was fully expecting to start her “new job” traveling the world modeling workout clothes later that week… Stupid blonde slut.

Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon

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