Zendaya Deepfake Porn: Schoolgirl Slut [Toasty]


Full-length HD Zendaya deepfake porn video by Toasty featuring Latina pornstar Veronica Rodriguez in a scene from Vixen.

Original Scene: Latin Exchange

Long before Zendaya came to Hollywood, she was an exchange student from Venezuela. She loved the host family she was staying with, but Zendaya had a dirty naughty secret. She had begun fantasizing about the man of the house. There was always a strong sexual tension between the two of them, and heavy flirtation became a common occurrence. So when his daughter and wife went out on a shopping trip, Zendaya had no doubt what was going to happen. One-moment Zendaya is sitting chilling on her phone, the next she is on her knees pulling his hard cock from his pants. Zendaya looks up at him with cock in hand as she prepares to put it in her mouth… and begin experiencing her hottest fantasy.

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