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Kpop Idol

Uma Jolie

Johnny Love is a bit of a neat freak, the kinda young man that doesn’t get out much. He is a little enamored with his new stepmom and is trying to make sure everything is polished & shiny for when the parents get home. Jisoo, is his hot older step sister – the kinda gal that gets around. She thinks her step brother Johnny is quite tragic really. So when she finds him polishing knobs and spit-shining shafts in the kitchen, she outs him for the virgin he is. Johnny seems a little embarrassed as he storms off. Jisoo follows her step brother to his room where she strips for him before crawling into his bed and sucking his cock. But Johnny has his wits about him and is on his game. He rough-fucks his older, more experienced stepsister smacking her ass and plowing her pussy mercilessly, making her orgasm a couple times before popping a huge load all over her face. Not bad Johnny, not bad at all!

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